The Cultural Centre was founded on 1978 in order to house the headquarters of Porphyrogenis Foundation. The main entrance with the reception area functions as theatre hall. It consists of a cloakroom and a space for the distribution of information leaflets.


The theatre with 150 permanent seats measures 170 m2 in area with a 40 m2 stage and 10 m2  proscenium plus auxiliary space on the mezzanine, between the basement and the ground floor. The stalls, which have a “staggered“ seating arrangement, lead to the mezzanine, between the basement and the ground floor, where there are public conveniences and the audio-visual control room.


The basement houses the exhibition hall, equipped with the appropriate lighting and security systems. There are also auxiliary spaces and a storeroom.


The library is located at the upper floor and has a balcony surrounding the room with the shelves. At the southern end of the library there is an exit to an adjacent rooftop terrace where events can be held in the summer. At the same floor you can find also the office serving as the foundation’s archive.